November 8, 2015 Izzy Fromm

Importance of the the right balance of macronutrients for female weight loss.

There are so many diets out there telling us to go to extremes for weight loss and that few calories are the only way. Today I was reading an article from the American Society for Nutrition on the ratio of protein to carbohydrates for adult women. To summarize for you, here are the key points I want to bring up for you ladies…


It was shown over a 10 week study (yes, ten weeks…this means weight loss doesn’t happen over night) where there were two groups of women. A higher carbohydrate group and a higher protein group. The protein group noticed more weight loss than the carbohydrate group, higher satiety (fullness from eating), and the maintenance of more lean muscle mass than the carbohydrate group. The carbohydrate group did lose weight, but their blood glucose levels were like a rollercoaster, and the weight they lost was partially muscle and partially fat. Both diets were over 1,650 calories per day and had equal amount of fat and fiber to each other.


Everyone will respond to changes in their diets differently, but just a bit of food for thought on how to effectively control and change your body weight.


I’ve been conscious about eating well for over ten years. Trying to be mindful of eating my vegetables, fruits, choosing brown rice over white, not drinking soda, fueling up properly before and after workouts. But just making “good” food decisions didn’t get me the body I desired. It took reading articles (no, not just from anywhere, but research), trying many different diets, many coaches, trying, failing, and finally getting it right. Working hard to get the right macronutrient balance to fuel you to feel better, look better, and perform better is completely worth it. As I say, it’s the perfect combination of education, knowledge, and motivation…but also the execution of a well developed plan.

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